Gallery wall

How to make a gallery wall //

A gallery wall in your home is a perfect place for you to show your most precious art and photo memories. It´s your own private art gallery, and it gives your home that right personal feeling of decoration.

A perfect gallery wall is a mixture off old and new artworks, some personals photographs and decorations.

The things you should to consider when you put together a gallery wall, is image styles, sizes, frame style and colours. Try to have a mix of different colours and frame sizes, and see what compliment each other - but the best thing about a gallery wall, pretty much anything goes!

When you have chosen your spot for your gallery wall, you can try to make a sketch, off where the different pieces should go, and you can lay it out on the floor in front of the wall. And then hang it up piece by piece.

Another clever thing to do, is to have several gallery shelves, which give you the opportunity to change styles and colour combos any time you feel like a makeover.

let´s take a look at some different styles - all images are from Pinterest

Camilla // stylist

                                    Small art pieces which in different styles of old and new frames
                                    Photography fine art, personal pictures and art in a lovely mixture.                                    Black and white frames gives a monochrome style
                                   Big and small frames and lot of space between the frames

                                   Black and white photography fine art

                                   Gallery shelves gives you the possibility to change the visual look

                                  More gallery shelves, and you can show any thing you like, here its magazines.

                                   Test and try out, where you want your art to hang, also nice to fil out the whole
                                   wall from floor to the ceiling. 

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