Our favourite photo books

We wanted to share a few of our favourite books in our library. We have been collecting photo books for many years now, bought books that are utter garbage to stellar books, looked through an abundance of pages and found through trial and error our favourites among a large number of books. We recently sat down to sort through all the books to make room for new once’s. We'd like to share our favourites in the collection so other can enjoy them as well. So with out further ado here is a list of books and a small review of our most treasured photo books.


Art books


This is not really a photographic book, but it is very inspiring to read through the world art history. You really get a good overview of what has transpired through the ages.


Photo books

Eugene Smith

This is not the biggest book in the world but the images inside it makes you want to see more of W. Eugene Smith’s work. All the images are in black and white and a quarter of the book really has some powerful images.



Is a Magnum photographer, but this book has a lot of different images to enjoy. You get both the wind of time and his more creative and experimental work. All the images are in black and white.


Don McCullin

Is a British photojounarlist. The book Shaped by war has some very unsettling images in it, and when you are done reading it, you sit back with a faint expression of awe for his time in Vietnam and what people had to go through.


Erwin Olaf

Is a Dutch photographer that has a style between realism and a film set. His books really make you study all the pictures for the complete and beautiful lighting and production that went into creating the images in the book.


Fred Herzog

Is a street photographer who passed away in September 2019. His book Modern Color has some of the most beautiful color images in any book we own. The whole color pallet is just awe inspiring.



The book Magnum Magnum is a collection of the biggest Magnum photographers through time. The images will make you appreciate how much work and time went into to the images for the photographers to be at the right place in time. The images really makes you look at the in a different way.


Peter Lindbergh

Was a German fashion photographer. He has made some of the most iconic fashion images for the last 40 years. The book has his best work and it really is set aside from many other fashion photographers.


Ralph Gibson 

Is an art photographer, he is not well known, but his work is outstanding. His book The Black Trilogy is a collection of outstanding black and white images.


Ray K Metzker

The book Light Lines is properly our favourite collection of black and white images. Every image is so beautifully contrasted and his eye for light is exceptional. The book isn’t easy to come by since it went out of print, but if you can find one it’s worth every penny.


Trent Parke 

Is a Magnum street photographer, his Dream/Life book is a must have if you can get your hands one a copy. The story goes that all the printed copies got water damage before the where send out to the stores, so not many survived and it is hard to find a copy for a decent price. If the story is true, we do not now.


Hopefully we have inspired you to take a closer look at all the beautiful photo books that are out there.

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